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In protest over the fact some vocal Wikipedians don't like links to Whole Wheat Radio, I will be linking to it with every mention in the following post.

Below is my response to the rapidly unfolding saga that is Whole Wheat Radio on Wikipedia. In a nutshell, a few vocal users on Wikipedia are claiming that linking to the non-commercial and collaborative Whole Wheat Radio website on independent artists' pages is not appropriate, despite their acceptance of the fully commercial, advertisement-laden MySpace.

Not that it will make any difference, I'm pretty sure they've made up their minds.

I think it’s a perfect example of cognitive dissonance that a link to the commercial MySpace website is somehow deemed appropriate when Whole Wheat Radio isn’t. I love Wikipedia and use it everyday but I fear this continued dismissal sets a dangerous precedent. Using the “spam” defense is also very telling. Let it be known that some Wikipedians feel commercial sites are more important and noteworthy than collaborative, non commercial sites. It’s not hypocrisy per se, but you can definitely see it creeping up.

For what it’s worth, Danny Schmidt is also an extremely talented singer/songwriter who also happens to value independent distribution not commercial. As I’ve said above, I worry that we again are using “commercial” success as an indication of notability.

–rubenerd (talk) 10:02, 18 November 2008 (UTC)

Did you notice that? I linked to Whole Wheat Radio! The sky is falling!

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