Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts!


Fun Facts!

WARNING: I didn’t make any of these facts up, these are all true facts that I’m submitting as part of my application to become a Singaporean and/or Australian overseas representative of the American Federal Bureau of Miscellaneous Information.

In light of my recent purchase of David Letterman's Late Show Fun Facts, I've been inspired to relay some Fun Facts of my own. I'm nothing compared to Dave and his writers, but the one advantage I do have is being able to use hyperlinks to point people to relevant information. Think of this as a knockoff HyperCard version of the magnificently written Late Show Fun Facts.

Here are 10 Rubenerd Fun Facts to get us started. This could turn into a series (I can hear Neil Neil groaning!).

  1. The world’s only recorded sighting of an orange beetroot was by a person wearing tinted glasses.

  2. Jim Kloss once owned 300 hectares of tundra in northern Siberia, but had to give it up when he couldn’t read the tax forms.

  3. Right handed people find it just as difficult to write with their feet as the ambidextrous.

  4. Australia and Austria are the only two countries to have the same first five letters. Tough luck Slovakia and Slovenia!

  5. Custard, hair tonic and transmission fluid are chemically identical.

  6. Headaches aren’t real, they’re all in your head.

  7. Labradors aren’t really smarter than other breeds, they’re just better at feigning interest.

  8. More people have been filmed falling out of office chairs than hot air balloons.

  9. The current dulcimer record is held by Esther Golton who played continuously for over 19 weeks before the instrument caught fire.

  10. The ice that builds up on the inside of old fridges is more toxic than arsenic.

  11. A brick is denser than a full can of paint, but both feel the same when dropped on external bodily appendages.

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