No Filter, No Censorship, No Clean Feed, No Great Firewall of Australia

Senator Conroy's decision to implement mandatory filers to censor every Australian internet connection is not only a dangerous idea because it will [knowingly] generate false positives, be a threat to free speech and will slow internet access speeds down for everyone, but it will also cost a fortune to install, configure, and maintain, and will also be trivial to bypass to anyone who wants. It's hard to see how anyone could think this is a good idea, but there you go.

In my own tribute to the veritable waves of cellulose-pulp-based written communications to various local members of parliament across the country, I've decided this afternoon to whip up a final letter of my own. I've already contacted a few other state and federal ministers, but this is the letter I've written for Mr Conroy:

Dear Senator Conroy,

Grow a brain.

Ruben Schade
The Department of Redundancy Department

Funny, my other letters were substantially longer for some reason!