Google Reader, take three!


Now I just need to get my fabulous dad onto Google Reader…

All right everyone, I've finally figured out how to use Google Reader enough to use it properly. I have the little bookmarklet for my toolbar, and I've started following some interesting people's shared items. I've also started sharing items of my own, and commenting on each. You can follow my shared items at:

If it makes it easier, my original redirect link also works too:


And here's the Atom XML feed to subscribe to directly to.

Now the only question I still have is how Todd (a fellow Whole Wheat Radio listener) for example sometimes has his own name next to comments, but sometimes the name of someone else too. Do you need to be "friends" with the person to do that? Is it possible to comment live on someone else's shared items… is that what that is?

ASIDE: I miss hanging out with my dad in Singapore… because he’s not "just" my dad, he’s my best friend.

I must say once you get the hang of it, Google Reader is wildly useful: I've even posted a page about the Moleskine notebook I bought this afternoon online! The learning curve though is huge: I haven't had this much trouble learning how to use a web app (or a regular app for that matter) in a long time. I may even harbour a tiny bit of longing and nostalgia for trusty Bloglines which I dearly loved years ago. I guess it's all about getting used to something new.

Now I just need the links for Attu and Sparks and I think I'll be in business. :-D

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