As I said in my previous post about running NetBSD's pkgsrc on Mac OS X, I hurriedly created a couple of desktop backgrounds for a fellow student and MacBook Pro user a few months ago who has since moved her entire machine over to NetBSD. It should have probably just stayed on my anime and show blog but I figure it's tech enough to put here.

ASIDE: While I dabbled in Red Hat Linux 5.x at the time, NetBSD was the first Unix-like operating system I really used. I personally have since moved over to FreeBSD on my desktops, but NetBSD still holds a special place with me. And I am still an avid user of pkgsrc!

The orange flower is a photo I took from my wildflower photoset around Mawson Lakes here in Adelaide, Mai Tokiha is the protagonist from the My-HiME anime series which I have yet to watch but he thinks is trippy, and the logo is of course from the NetBSD Project. This was one of the only combinations of orange things I could find on such short notice; had her presentation been a few weeks later I could have probably created something a bit better!

The resolution is 1440×900, but if you're a NetBSD desktop user, or a pkgsrc on Mac OS X (or Slackware, or Draco Linux, or…) user on a MacBook it would scale down just fine on 1280×800 too.

Colour version, 1.9MiB PNG

Achromatic version, 1.1MiB PNG