Google Reader has me bamboozled


Don't hurt me, I have no idea what I'm doing!
Don't hurt me, I have no idea… (I love using this picture for when I'm confused!)

After several false starts and month long delays, I have reset my Google Reader account and am now attempting to figure out how to use it properly. Some random points:

  • I’ve subscribed to the two dozen sites I’ve regularly read, and have updated my public shared items page. That much I know how to do
  • The think that is confusing me though is how to add "friends" to Google Reader. On the left hand side there is a link called "Friends’ Shared Items" but it only lets you add people who are using Gmail.
  • I have subscribed to several people’s shared items in Google Reader, but I’ve been told others can’t access mine because my starred/shared items are "protected". I can read their notes just fine.
  • I have added the "Note In Reader" to my browser’s bookmark bar, looks as though you can share any page now not just a story you read in a feed you’re subscribed to.
  • My shared items can be found here. If you can figure out how to add me as a friend, have at it!

My head hurts. I'm going to bed!

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