Final post on the American elections tomorrow


It's Tuesday here in the Asia Pacific region thingy (to use the technical geographic terminology), which means it will be Tuesday tomorrow in the United States, which is of course the national election day. I think it's safe to say we're all thoroughly sick of the whole parade both around the world and in the US having lived through virtually two years of campaigns, speeches, gaffs, mudslinging, disagreements, opinions, commentary… endless commentary… I could go on.

As I have said in a previous post though, I feel as though history is about to be made, and together as a global community we'll either move forward after eight years of going backwards, or the US will continue to slide into what I fear is dangerous theocracy and possibly even fascism, and it's relevance and view in the world's eye will continue to fade. Very strong words I know, but I feel as though the impact these elections will have will be extremely significant; definitely the most significant in my lifetime so far.

In a rare few minutes I was able to listen to Whole Wheat Radio this afternoon while sitting at a net cafe in the city, Peterdale across the pond in New Zealand wrote a comment in the Online Collaboration page which I think summarised my view (and obviously the view held by most of the world) very well too:

Atuu!!! Big guy, the way you vote tomorrow will determine how my little country faces the future…. either face-on with a handshake … or in the collision position. Do the right thing for us please.

At the risk of sounding cliche, as an Aussie I feel as though our two countries are like brothers/sisters , along with New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom… even to a certain extent Singapore. We all have shared British colonial history, language and culture and have since gone our own ways, but so much about us is still the same; we have more in common than we have in differences. It's never nice to see a sibling in pain.

Do the right thing America, and do us proud.

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