No Filter, No Censorship, No Clean Feed, No Great Firewall of Australia

UPDATE: If you read this blog using an RSS reader you wouldn’t have seen, but Dale actually posted a comment! You can reach him at his aptly-named blog Defending Scoundrels

Browsing the Electronic Frontiers Australia website this afternoon, I noticed that Dale Clapperton appeared on The Morning Show on the 29th of October. I completely missed it, but fortunately they have a video. Sorry about it being in Flash.

EFA’s Chair, Dale Clapperton, was interviewed on Channel 7’s [Morning Show] program on 29th October about the government’s proposed mandatory filtering policy. A phone-in survey on the program revealed that 80% of respondents were opposed to the censorship plan.

Given the severity of the issue, I just wish he could have appeared on the show for longer.

(Original video was made private).