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UDPATE: I noticed that I forgot to index the PNG in the topic heading, meaning it was a whopping 112KiB! It’s now a more respectable 28KiB. Sorry about that.

For some reason I get the feeling I'll be blogging and talking about this ridiculous plan the Australian Federal Government has to censor the internet for a while to come. After all, it's worked so successfully overseas without people finding ways to bypass it, and it hasn't caused any negative publicity for the countries overseas either!

With this in mind I've created a new topic heading for such posts in similar style to the MacBook FireWire debacle. In this one it's a picture of the Aussie flag in the background with the protagonist wielding a sword from Shakugan no Shana whom I know — to use the politically correct phrase — would kick the crap out of anyone who espouses such nonsense! Plus she looks like a warrior defending our digital rights too.

ASIDE: I’ve mentioned this on my anime blog many times before, but just for the hell of it: has anyone noticed the number of powerful, strong female characters are at an all time high, whilst the majority of the guys are wimpy?

I've also changed my profile picture on Twitter, and just as with the topic heading above the mouth has been covered up. I'm certainly by no means as photogenic as Shana, but I did try my best. If you use Twitter, don't forget to follow the EFA's Twitter feed @efa_oz and use the #nocleanfeed hash tag after each tweet on the subject.

My Twitter icon, along with some other outraged Adelaideians. That is the collective noun for Adelaide peoples right?

Me Lee Hopkins Taryn Hicks Oli Young

And some other fine folks on the east coast:

Electronic Frontier Australia foundation Cameron Reilly Dan Slattery jjprojects

If you have a website don't forget to also link to and use their Say no to censorship badges to spread the word.

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

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