MacBook a winner, unless you need FireWire


The MacBook FireWire Debacle

When I claimed this was going to be the last post on the MacBook FireWire Debacle, I didn't think another writer would share a similar view to me on this issue. This will be the last post! Ironically, I found about this USAToday article through Apple's official start page which chose to summarise the article as such:

Apple, says Edward C. Baig (, “has fashioned a winner with the new MacBook.” The new model features a “bold new metal design with a glossy backlit widescreen LED display, spacious buttonless trackpad and souped-up Nvidia graphics for gamers.” In fact, Baig reports being “pleased with the detail and fluid motion as I played Spore from Electronic Arts and Call of Duty 4 from Activision.

Conveniently they didn't disclose any of Edward's comments regarding the lack of a FireWire port, and the less than adequate number of USB ports as replacements:

But Apple risks ticking off users who rely on FireWire. Like many people, I still have a FireWire camcorder, not to mention an external FireWire hard drive. Apple may want to drive customers to the FireWire-capable MacBook Pro — models that start at $1,999 — which are certainly better equipped for video editing.

The company also figures many of the folks who would do a lot of video editing own newer camcorders that more likely use USB rather than FireWire. Apple isn’t generous there, either: There are just two USB ports on the new MacBooks.

You can still get FireWire on the entry-level plastic MacBook, but it doesn’t have the muscle for heavy-duty video editing.

Exactly! I am so fed up with reading comments from people that tell people who can't afford a MacBook Pro to buy an older MacBook that still has FireWire for video editing, or that people who need FireWire should buy a MacBook Pro. Not everyone is swimming in money.

If you think I've started to dislike Apple though over this hiccup, the last line of Edward's article pretty much sums up my own opinion:

Apple has fashioned a winner with the new MacBook. Unless you can’t live without FireWire.

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