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iPhone 3G keyboard

I'm sitting at the Gloria Jean's coffee shop at the open-air Harbourtown Shopping Centre waiting for my sister and taking advantage of a little used feature of my blog: automatic publishing of emails that are sent to a hidden email address the blogging software monitors. Let's see if it works!

I'm using this feature because this time I didn't lug my MacBook Pro with me, I'm typing this on my iPhone 3G. I have to be honest, while my eyes are getting used to less screen real estate and having to hold the device in question as I type, my shoulders and back much prefer this arrangement!

As I've elaborated numerous times on the Rubenerd Show and even more times on Twitter, I am perfectly comfortable using the iPhone's touch screen keyboard. In fact now I've had this iPhone for over a month now, I'm faster on this virtual keyboard than I ever was on the physical QWERTY keypads on my Nokia e61 or my Tungsten W. Because I'm just tapping the surface rather than pressing physical buttons, my thumbs are just flying.

What I also really appreciate about the iPhone keyboard is it's excellent error correction and punctuation fixing. What this means is I can type lowercase "ive" and it will automatically change it to "I've". I use this feature constantly, it means I can rapidly type a sentence and the phone fixes it all up.

I'm just going to come out and say it, I love this phone. In an up and coming post I'm going to demonstrate a real world application of all the features this phone has… by recounting a recent trip where I literally was able to get around with just this device. Without sounding too cheesy, this device has given me a degree of mobility I've never had before. Even ignoring the iPod music features, I have maps, GPS, the web browser, text messaging and Twitter – all in a device that is 1000% easier and nicer to use than an N95 or any other "navigation smart phone" I've ever tried. I cannot possibly imagine my life without this phone now, despite spending the first 22 years of my life without one.

Sent from my iPhone

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