The MacBook FireWire Debacle

Much to delight of most of the people who read this blog I'm sure, we've come to the end of my coverage of the MacBook FireWire Debacle. I've learned so much over the last few days about the FireWire 400 standard, especially with regards to it's uses in audio and video production that I knew very little about. The removal of this port from MacBooks is a real shame, though it's probably time to face the facts and admit that the MacBook won't ever have FireWire again; it's future in the Mac Mini and iMac are probably also shady.

At least I can tell people they can still buy svelte new Japanese laptops and load them up with FreeBSD if they need a current and inexpensive FireWire solution.

As I said I could easily post dozens more posts on this subject, but I think I've already said enough. If you're still interested though, there's still some extremely active discussion (more active than I've ever seen before after an Apple product launch) going on across web forums, blogs and news sites which I've linked to below.

Don't forgot, if you want FireWire in the MacBooks again, you can send feedback directly to Apple. Steve Jobs has already responded to at least two comments sent, so let's raise some more hell!

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