If you like my writing, you can buy me a coffee!


If you like my writing, you can buy me a coffee!

For the longest time I've resisted putting a donate button or a tip jar on any of my sites because I feel there are so many more legitimate and worthwhile causes out there that people should be donating money to. While this is still definitely true, I decided this morning to finally give it a small shot, but instead of just asking people for a handout or for huge sums of money, I thought I'd put a bit more thought into it.

So here's the deal, if you've enjoyed reading some of the material I've typed up here on this blog whatsit, feel free to click the "Buy Ruben a Coffee :-)" image on the right hand side of any page on the Rubenerd Blog site. If you buy me a cup of coffee using PayPal, that's less money I need to transfer from my bank account to pay online bills such as hosting, which in turn I'll be able to use to buy myself a cup of coffee instead!

With all the studying and working I'm frantically doing to catch up after taking a longer break than I had originally planned for family reasons, the time I spend on this blog as well as my internet talk radio show is a pleasant distraction and a great thing to do. If I've created something that others find interesting and useful, I feel I've also managed to at least accomplish something meaningful and worthwhile :-).

If you would like to donate more than AU$4.00, might I suggest Whole Wheat Radio, the World Food Programme or the National Cancer Centre of Singapore whom my family are forever indebted to for their service. They deserve money more than I do. Thank you.

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