Journalistic merging of wikis and blogs?


JD Lasica

I've been reading JD Lasica's work ever since he started Darknet and Ourmedia… suffice to say, I'm a fan! Today he posted a link to an article written around a year ago on the emerging journalistic fusion of blogs and wikis.

Wiki journalism: are wikis the new blogs?

This has been around a while but is worth a read. Online Journalism Blog: Wiki journalism: are wikis the new blogs?

I was the first to respond, or the first to have a message approved… I'm going to pretend I'm certain that it's the first. I'm interested to see where the discussion leads on from here.

Found link to this article from your Twitter feed JD :-).

Interesting article from the point of view of sharing ideas and collaborating, but I don’t think wikis will replace blogs anytime soon.

I think while the architecture between the two might blur, people go to blogs and wikis for different reasons, and people collaborate on wikis and write blogs for different reasons.

I think it has to do with access: I like to think of wiki’s as "random access" where you visit a page from the outside with the full intent of reading what’s specifically on that page. Blogs on the other hand are "sequential access", people read blogs generally to keep up to date with a person’s perspective, current events and opinions.

That’s not to say there won’t be a grey area between the two, and I think it’s an exciting prospect. The idea of a blog that can be edited by anyone, or a wiki who’s articles are changed and shown in chronological order would certainly be interesting, perhaps even deserving of a new term. Biki? Wlog? Bliki? Perhaps I should just stop now while I’m ahead!

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