Blue Day 2008 and Mental Health Week


Mental Health Week 2008
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You may have been wondering why my Twitter profile image is tinted with a shade of blue, and why I use Twitter in the first place. Your second query would need more space here than a SQL table with any engine behind it could accommodate, but the first is easy.

From the 5th of October until then 11th is Mental Health Week in Australia, culminating in Blue Day 2008 on Friday.

Building resilience is about developing individual strengths and abilities to bounce back from challenges and setbacks. Everyone is born with the potential to develop resilience – resilience is something we can all learn. Resilience doesn’t make problems go away, instead it can provide the ability to see past the challenges, enjoy life more and handle future stressors better.

Three areas that can build resilience have been chosen by us for the next three year mental health promotion strategy and will be the themes for the upcoming Mental Health Weeks in NSW.

In 2008 our focus is on "Appreciate the little things in life" – promoting the value of developing positive thinking and an optimistic outlook on life through the appreciation of the little things in life. Focusing on the positives and dwelling less on the negatives is one way we can build our emotional resilience, reduce stress and enhance mental wellbeing.

As for Blue Day 2008, it is "a day when the tech and social media community in Australia can work together to raise the awareness of anxiety and depression.".

If you're a Twitterling, you can show your support by following and sending messages to @BlueDay2008. Their website has more details.

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