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Yesterday during one of my much enjoyed and looked forward to weekend coffee breaks with my MacBook Pro at the Boatdeck Cafe in Mawson Lakes, I posted a verbose, long winded, fun and largely ridiculous post discussing ways in which bloggers can help to maintain a regular post schedule.

ASIDE: I’m still holding out that if I mention the name of their establishment in almost every post I make, they’ll eventually start sponsoring this blog and my podcast. Flawless logic right? If they can’t afford to pay me, I’d just as happily accept a few free cups a day. Whatya say guys?

9rules leaf logoWhat I wasn't expecting was a comment from none other than Mike Rundle not of our beloved Rundle Mall I discussed a few weeks ago, but of the selective 9rules blog community in the States. Who would have thunk it?

As it turns out, he was responding to an off the cuff remark I made under the "Caching Solution" heading:

To appear as though you’re more reliable to website alliances like 9rules that value regularity over quality, people write several posts a day, but release them over a period of days.

Mike was quick to correct my misapprehension:

At 9rules we value over quality over quantity any day of the week, and especially when we’re looking at blogs that want to join. If somebody split entries up over a few days just to look like they’re posting more frequently then we’d see right through that.

We’d much rather see a 9r member post great articles once a week or so then lesser quality articles every few days.

As someone who:

  • discusses his primary interest in computer software and lifestyle on his blog
  • posts only on a semi-regular basis
  • does it just as a hobby
  • enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches
  • isn’t even living in the same country as the time zone reported on the site half the time
  • posts as many multifarious, random posts as on-topic posts

… I would certainly never quality for 9rules or any other such site. It doesn't bother me though because I'm clearly not what they're looking for. Besides, it works both ways: I'm certainly not changing what I like to do to conform to another system!

I did appreciate Mike's comment though and replied with a comment that looks quite like this one. Word for word almost, it's uncanny.

Thanks for your comment Mike.

Rest assured I was mentioning your site very much tongue in cheek! That said, lets just say I know that on the basis of regularity (to say nothing of quality, and only talking about specific subjects) I certainly wouldn’t qualify, and I was making light of it.

I guess being a member of the "Ruben Schade" blogging network is enough work as is, right? :-)

You can find 9rules (surprising thought it may seem) at http://9rules.com/. For what it's worth, I did manage to find Dan Lockton's fascinating sustainable architecture website through them, even if he's no longer a member.

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