Ourmedia has deleted me!


This issue has been resolved by the folks at Ourmedia. It did turn out to be a technical problem. I would like to thank them for their quick reply and action, I appreciate it.

Back in early 2005 when I started recording the Rubenerd Show, I discovered through an early show from IT Conversations a website called Ourmedia created by JD Lasica and Marc Canter. Essentially it was a service for free and independent media that you could upload your material onto with the guarantee that it would stay there.

All in all Rubenerd Shows 014 to 066 were uploaded to Ourmedia and were accessible from my generously provided profile page at http://ourmedia.org/user/38566/. In doing so I was able to tag shows, group them together and share them with other people in the system and through external links. I made friends. I discovered other people and materials. It was lots of fun. Unfortunately when I realised that I was going to do many more Rubenerd Shows than I had originally anticipated, I decided to revert back to my own servers because I just didn't feel right using so much of their bandwidth, and it would only increase as I uploaded more stuff.

With the Overnightscape Rampler spinoff show in full swing, I thought I had finally figured out a less selfish way of using Ourmedia by uploading material I had recorded raw for others to listen to, but more importantly to resample and edit as people see fit in the spirit of Creative Commons and the Free Art Licence.

Ourmedia saying Rubenerd doesn't exist
Ourmedia saying Rubenerd doesn't exist

Well here we are three years later from when I registered, and I've learned the hard way never to trust third parties again with my content! My profile page now redirects to a search page. I was given no warning whatsoever, and the page that replaced mine doesn't even reference me in any way. Doing a search on Ourmedia for "Ruben Schade" and "Rubenerd" return no results.

The creepy thing is part of the reason I stopped using it was because I felt uncomfortable having so much of my content on a server I didn't control. Ourmedia had so much potential, and I had a great way to use it. I'm hoping this is a technical glitch and not a deletion!


I just checked, and I can still access my Ourmedia Blog, but when you click the Rubenerd producer link, you are redirected to the empty search page. Perhaps this is a technical glitch? It's strange because as far as I can tell no other user has been affected, I can navigate hundreds of profiles without a problem.

My page listing the content I've uploaded is also available, but none of the links work.

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