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It's official, the Adelaide Crows are out of the AFL grand finals. This means one important thing: the AFL football season is almost over! Yay! As I've always said, I've made no effort to cover up my distaste for AFL and NRL in Australia; I've argued that even we ignored the gross, disproportionate amount of money they waste, they're just plain boring to watch! You can run with the ball, and you can still get points for missing? Come on guys!

What I do love though is reading and listening to sports commentators and coaches analyse games. For the latest results for the Adelaide Crows, the first question the sports commentators posed was "what went wrong?". Coach Neil Craig then proceeded to discuss strategies, profiles of the players and so forth. I could have answered that question for them: "They didn't kick enough points. Next!"

I've already mentioned the Anti-Football League back in August 2006, but I figure I should mention it here again.

The Anti-Football League (AFL) is an Australian organisation of individuals who are indifferent to the excessive fervour that afflicts supporters of the Australian code of football known as Australian Rules Football (”Aussie Rules”).

The AFL stands apart from the Football mania that is ever increasingly saturating our workplaces, media outlets and public spaces, and which at certain times of the year reaches excessive and epidemic proportions.

AFL members have fought hard to maintain an immunity to this unfortunate affliction which affects many tens of thousands of Australians. League members are united by the common understanding that there is more to life than the ability to kick a pigskin between two white posts.

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