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As I sit here at the Boatdeck Cafe I can't help but remember that I ordered a tea instead of a coffee to start the week off right, however I forgot that tea doesn't have the same effect on my brain as coffee when it comes to producing disjointed rambling weblog posts that have little real content or value, perhaps other than to assure you dear reader that you are a more interesting person than I, or at the least can express yourself with wittier prose. If after reading other Rubenerd Blog "rambling posts" this post seems bland by comparison, especially if you compare it, I apologise and advise you to microwave your left shoe for a few minutes to get your fill of random, pointless observable fun.

ASIDE: Please don’t put your shoe in the microwave. Okay you can put your shoe in the microwave, but if anyone catches you, don’t mention me or this website. I don’t want to get involved or be associated with your podiatric sado-masacism.

Sunrise weather map for today

It's the first of September, and you know what that means? Yes, that's right, it means that the last number in reverse order ISO dates changes back to a 01, specifically 2008.09.01. Sometimes I'm so exciting it's just hard to contain myself.

Pointless number adventures aside for a moment (I'm sorry I know you all love them), the first of September is important because here in the Southern Hemisphere it's officially the first day of spring, which means winter is over! According to an ABC news report I watched last week, it has been one of Adelaide's coldest winters on record, and as you all know if it's on television, it has to be true!

Unfortunately it sure doesn't feel like spring right now, the weather outside is dark and overcast and the wind is strong and chilly. How misleading to call this weather spring when clearly it's colder than a refrigerator out here, though decidedly less tasty. People in Alaska have absolutely no idea what we're going through; Canadians, Europeans and Japanese would be equally clueless.

Thanks to our fantastic new digital USB TV tuner that could, we watched the morning Sunrise show on Channel 7 and saw how our current home compared to others around the country. I guess Adelaide doesn't look as dreary as Melbourne this morning, though decidedly less warm and bright as Sydney and Brisbane!

Sunrise live weather image of Adelaide

Sunrise live weather image of Melbourne

Sunrise live weather image of Sydney

Sunrise live weather image of Brisbane

Having lived in all four of these cites at some point in my life, I can say with confidence that Adelaide has sure felt the coldest out of the four so far. Perhaps it's because I'm in my early 20s now compared to when I was 0-9 when I lived in those places, and my poor, frail old bones just can't take it as well as they used to. Again, nobody could possibly imagine what I'm going through right now, because nobody knows… the trouble I've seen… nobody knows… my bones.

Getting back to Sunrise though, I think it's hilarious how sometimes I'm really in the mood for listening to the banter on morning television, and sometimes I wake up early and am so irritated to see their happy faces I want to punch the television… which would be a shame because my television is my computer screen. I guess punching an LCD would hurt a lot less than punching a Cathode Ray Tube though: for starters an LCD isn't even solid material anyway right? So I'd be okay, right?

I wish I could be that energetic first thing in the morning!

So it's the beginning of spring, let's hope it starts feeling like it is soon! For what it's worth, my MacBook Pro is still performing whisper quietly after I replaced the fan on the right hand side: I'm thinking come summer I'll need it.

And now if you'd excuse me, I have to figure out why our real estate agent claims our latest rent payment didn't go through when I have a printed statement from my credit union clearly showing otherwise; I have to get a replacement Medicare card because my old one started to crack along the magnetic strip; I need to get a new Proof of Age card because my address has changed; and finally I need to get in contact with the doctors and medical insurance companies in Malaysia and Singapore to get more details the university here is requesting. Perhaps I will order that coffee after all!

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz;
I wonders where
My 8 port surged protected powerboard is

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