VIDEO: Replacing the fan in my MacBook Pro


For about a year now my MacBook Pro exhibited horrible grinding, rattling sounds on the right hand side of the unit, just below the power button. After doing a bit of research I realised that I had a damaged fan (Apple unit number 922-7194), and while I could have tried lubricating the existing one, I decided to play it safe and just buy a replacement. had the best overall price for the unit and international shipping to Australia, and had the unit to me in less than 2 weeks with economy mail.

Rather than take photos as I usually do for such projects, I decided to edit together a crappy little video showing what I did, and so you could hear the difference yourself! I just can't believe how whisper quiet this MacBook Pro is again, I literally cannot hear it unless I turn off every other appliance and peripheral in the room!

Apologies to my readers on BSD, alas because my current host's bandwidth quota is almost used up, I've had to uploaded the video on YouTube.

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