The NSA incomplete sentences quiz


That's a big hot dog!
That's a big hot dog! Why did I put this here?

Elliot C. Back clued me onto a NSA test which required people to finish a list of incomplete sentences. Looked like some fun, so here I go:

  1. I always wanted to be as artistic as my mum
  2. I can’t stop programming, living and drinking coffee
  3. If my father would only take me on more of his business trips!
  4. People think of me as an introvert who likes coffee
  5. I suffer most from a lack of coffee
  6. What upsets me most is decaf coffee
  7. Most men can’t pick the difference between nail polishes, including me
  8. My family treats me like a 24 technical support hotline!
  9. My greatest worry is that I worry too much
  10. Some members of the opposite sex don’t understand "nerd" is cute
  11. Most women are more accepting of bear hugs
  12. I regret that my Deutsch still isn’t very strong
  13. The main thing in life is coffee, computers and comedy!
  14. Secretly I like Barry White music
  15. If my mother would only still be alive
  16. I don’t like people who assume I paid the Asian girl walking next to me!
  17. I wish I could forget the time I fell down two flights of stairs
  18. When troubled I watch Japanese television shows
  19. It bothers me that I worry too much
  20. What angers me most is when people don’t laugh during my standup acts!

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