Sometimes a person such as Mike Sullivan comes along from a service such as Twitter and shows you something like a comic that is able to capture a recent experience you've had so accurately, it's not only creepy but makes you want to take a pellet gun outside your new house and walk around the neighbourhood looking for people with telescopes that are looking on your every move!

This comic was from XKCD, a web comic of romance, sarcasm maths and language, mirrored here so I wouldn't be wasting their bandwidth.

XKCD rocks!

For those who haven't read about my fun with telecom and internet companies since I moved temporarily back to Adelaide a few weeks ago for studies, these posts in chronological order tell the whole terrifying aggravating story. Replace the word terrifying with agitating. Or irritating, or some other word that has something to do with grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't like people who don't like station wagons, sure they look a bit silly, but they're practical!