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My sister Elke and I at Hahndorf
My sister Elke and I at Hahndorf, a German villiage in the Adelaide Hills

I'm typing this from a internet cafe in Rundle Mall in Adelaide, with a thick coat on, a tall Hudson's Coffee Americano in my hand and looking out over the street out the window next to me. How poetic! I've finally moved back to Australia to resume my full time studies after doing it part time during my mum's final days, and my sister Elke is just starting.

Because we're are going to the same university we're sharing a small house near the IT and Engineering campus of UniSA in Mawson Lakes, about 12 kilometres north of the CBD. The initial costs of buying white goods, beds and tables was pretty steep, but over the next year or so we will save lots of money instead of staying in the student housing. $130.00 for each of us makes sense to rent a house for less than $220.00. Plus with the Australian Dollar's latest rally our Singapore Dollars buy a heck of a lot less than they did before, this is an important consideration!

One thing that has really affected us has been the weather. Being in the southern hemisphere, Australia is going through winter right now. Coming from Singapore where the daily temperature averages around 32 degrees and 24 at night (about 90F and 77F), Adelaide's current winter temps of around 12 during the day and 2 at night (about 54F and 36F) have been a shock! Not only that, but some local Adelaideans say this winter has been one of the coldest they can remember. I do look pretty freaky with blue lips!

I feel as though my life is getting back on track again. I do miss Singapore, and I intend to move back there when I finish all this studying whatnot.

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