Back in Adelaide, world business rant


I'm currently in the process of moving to Adelaide for my next 6th month study period ending around Christmas. I'm typing this at Adelaide Airport (the new one that I posted about back in 2006) because we're in the process of looking for houses and don't have a reliable source of internet just yet. I might be able to post a few short Twitter messages from my phone.

Photo of Adelaide: the colour saturation might be slightly off!

We went via Perth and spend a few days there, Perth really is a beautiful place. If I weren't already halfway through studies here I would seriously consider studying there! Again I've got some photos but the internet here isn't reliable enough to let me upload huge file right now. Stay tuned.

I'm missing Singapore, and KL, and Asia already, but we went to IKEA this afternoon and it felt as though we were right back there again! When people say how the world is becoming so generic as a result of companies setting up shop in multiple countries, a part of my appreciates the fact I can walk into a Starbucks and an IKEA in Adelaide, Singapore or KL and I'm in a familiar environment and I can order the same stuff… it's very comforting in a 1980s born child who's living in a place where he didn't grow up and who seems to be a hopeless consumerlittle commonality is good, right? It's okay to be all right with at least some of this right?

Perhaps I should just stop talking before I dig myself even deeper into this hole.

Cheerio everyone :-).

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