FreeBSD AMD64 is good for you


Now that I've redefined the purpose of my primary desktop machine to make it a lean, mean code compiling machine, file server and Bittorrent downloader, it's graphical performance is much less important. Therefore I've wiped Debian off it and reinstalled FreeBSD, but this time instead of settling on the standard x86 version so as to use the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers, I've installed the full blown AMD64 64-bit version!

top showing on FreeBSD

It's so nice to be back in my familiar FreeBSD environment where everything on the drive is logically and securely organised, where I can use the FreeBSD ports system, where tcsh is the default shell not bash, and where everything works the way I'm used to. Plus running the 64-bit version it can access all of my RAM and generally feels more responsive as a result.


For what it's worth, after dappling in Debian GNU/Linux, I still prefer Slackware with Pkgsrc. FreeBSD and NetBSD are still the best though :-).

Any questions?

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