The CNET Mac Conspiracy


Mindlessly navigating the intertubes this evening to try to bring myself out of a deep blue funk, I came across an interesting front page news story on CNET's always aptly named site:

CNET showing story on the Mac Classic

Clicking on it as of 22:18 Singapore Standard Time though returns a classic 404 "The page you've requested cannot be found." error.

CNET showing story on the Mac Classic

Is this error just the result of a small slip up by one of the CNET employees, or is this a gentle ironic snub against the Macintosh computer?

Either this is some sort of a conspiracy, or it's some sort of conspiracy. I'm also entertaining the notion as a secondary idea that in fact this is not what it appears, but is in fact some sort of conspiracy.

UPDATE: The light grey text underneath the Mac story reporting the time since it was posted is now saying 3 hours, 34 minutes with no change. Damn it, I want to see the inside of the Mac Classic!

I’m beginning to entertain the notion that this is some sort of conspiracy.

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