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AFTERWORD: I created this entry because I was frustrated that there were lots of guides to recover passwords in Safari (and Firefox, and Opera) on Mac, but not Camino. The procedure is about the same, but nobody had it shown anywhere as such.

One of the (many, many!) problems I encountered when I lost my phone recently was losing my password for Wireless@SG! When I signed up for the free public wifi system in Singapore I was issued a password in the form a text message on my phone. Of course, now that my phone and I have parted ways I don't have that password.

ASIDE: I really should have written the credentials down somewhere safe besides my phone! Hindsight is a remarkably powerful and largely useless tool.

Keychain As it stands now though I can still log in to Wireless@SG because Camino remembers my password and enters it in for me automagically. What I wanted to know was, is there some way to retrieve the password from Camino in a form other than a string of asterisks? As it turns out, one of the primary reasons I still keep going back to Camino (greater Mac integration and consistent Mac interface) turned out to be my saviour, in the form of the Mac OS X Keychain.

If you have a password that Camino remembers but you don't, you can retrieve it by opening Keychain in /Applications/Utilities/. You'll be presented with a list of accounts that OS X has remembered the passwords for.

Double click the site that you can't remember the password for, then click the Show Password checkbox at the bottom of the window that appears. You'll be prompted to enter your Mac OS X login credentials. Voila, your password is presented:


Of course, I changed my password shortly after!

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