Back in KL again


Suria KLCC shopping centre at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers in KL, Malaysia

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Well here I am back in KL again typing away in at the Starbucks in KLCC. Don't let my archival Flickr photo above fool you though, it's been raining the whole time I've been here! In the tropics a light shower is a good thing though in my opinion, the clouds block some of the sunlight and make the temperature a bit cooler, especially in the evening after a day of rain.

I've met up with a friend of mine for some semi-official business regarding semi-official business and it went surprisingly well, we've hammered out some plans. With all the talk about email, then instant messaging, then blog comments, then micro blogging on services such as Twitter, it's still so much simpler and faster organising things in person. I always cringe whenever my dad says that the internet is amazing because you could work literally anywhere on Earth now and do a job through it; while I'm sure it's possible and I know lots of people who do work like that, I couldn't imagine giving up on human to human contact for 100% of a business. It would be downright maddening!

I'm here with my sister and we'll be back in Singapore late this week.

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