Huge fallen tree on Stevens Road photos


While I'm having a quick break from this work assignment (yes I even work on Sundays for clients, aren't I dedicated?) I thought I'd post some camera phone photos I took last Wednesday.

From my Flickr page:

A gigantic tree fell across Stevens Rd, a major dual carrigeway in Singapore. They had to close the whole side leading away from Orchard!

Fallen tree on Stevens Rd

It really was catastrophic, there were cars jammed all down Scotts Road, detour routes were being set up as I walked past, police cars with sirens flying around. I'm not sure if anyone was injured, from where I was walking on the other side of the road I couldn't see any crushed cars or ambulances which was a relief.

Walking a little further down Stevens Road, I noticed a huge queue of parked public buses that just kept going and going in both lanes.

Queue of stopped buses along Stevens Rd

One of the reasons I like Singapore is that there are so many trees lining all the streets, even right in the centre of the city with huge buildings. I guess these kinds of accidents are inevitable though.

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