UPDATE: The Whole Wheat Radio wiki is back online again.

With the Whole Wheat Radio outage in effect I decided to create some mockup pages outlining some ideas over on my university intranet's [sic] MediaWiki installation, but after some vocal opposition I decided to whip up a temporary WWR wiki testbed over at //rubenerd.com/projects/wwr. Feel free to mess around there with WWR related whatnot while the mothership is offline and you have a Sunday morning to kill as I do right now!

If you're using a wiki under similar circumstances and you don't need or want anonymous edits compared to a bigger, more collaborative effort like Wikipedia, all it takes is appending one line to your ./LocalSettings.php file:

# Block edits by anonymous users
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;

I know, I know… that was actually TWO lines, but the point is only the last line actually invokes the functionality described, the first is just a comment… which you should always include. Okay, okay I see your point.