If you've got lots of studying to do and you'd rather not be distracted, don't make your way over to JustSayHi.com, and definitely don't do any of their addictive quizzes!

Try them out for yourself, and post a comment here if you do well at them, I'd be fascinated to see how people with actual lives do on them! I really should have done better in these myself, guess I hadn't had enough coffee first :-).

Geek Test

96% Geek

Not impressed with my result, they didn’t ask any questions about how few girlfriends/boyfriends you’ve had, or how much coffee you drink, or how many shirts with UNIX commands on them you have. I would have kicked arse with those!

Apple Addiction Test

89%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

This is probably an accurate result! As much as I really, really love Apple computers and other devices, I’m not completely addicted to them. Well, almost!

Internet Quiz

Dang, if only they didn’t have questions about social networks, the protocol questions were easy!