I've been having real problems these last few weeks sleeping for some reason. A combination of really bad insomnia, emotion over a certain recent event and other whatnot have really started taking their toll, I've been feeling really physically and mentally tired all day, every day. When you sit in your computer chair working and studying in the early afternoon, late at night, early in the morning or any other time of the day, and the number one fantasy going through your head at all times is how nice it would be to climb into a comfy bed and go to sleep, you know there's something wrong!

I haven't been drinking any more coffee that I usually do, and certainly none in the late afternoon or evening. Even my sister seems to have been having trouble as of late herself for similar reasons.

I think I need a change of scenery. Perhaps I'll change my desktop environment on one of my other machines from KDE to GNOME, just to shake things up (I liked my week long GNOME trial more than I thought I would, though I think I'll keep KDE on my primary FreeBSD machine for now). I'll uninstall Mono though once it attaches itself.

Perhaps I'll try doing some morning hikes around Sungei Buloh instead of the usual Bukit Timah park as well. I'm a wild guy!