RMS Queen Mary 2 size comparison


One of my interests aside from computing is studying architecture and ocean liners from the early decades of the 20th century. I don't know why, but I find Art Deco and Neo Gothic design fascinating, and the concept of the "ocean liner" which has literally all but dissapeared in the age of jet airliners and Star Trek inspired teleportation (uh, yeah!). More than you needed to know I'm sure!

Anyway from a break from programming somehow I got onto the Global Security Organisation website which has detailed listings of registard tonnage and ships of different countries, including a graphical comparison of Cunard's latest flagship RMS Queen Mary 2 with the Titanic which everyone knows about. I knew this ship was big, but I had no idea she was that large!

Queen Mary 2

It's amazing that the waterline level is roughly even on each of them too. I wouldn't have thought the use of stabalisers and being made of lighter and stronger materials would be enough too keep that huge thing upright!

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