My fabulous father is currently on assignment at a few plants in China, and I got an email from him this morning. From a local cafe he's currently able to access all the stuff hosted on the Rubenerd Show domain (including the blog you're reading now) as well as my Twitter feed.

In a way I'm relieved, but in a way I'm disappointed. Obviously they don't consider me enough of a threat to their Great Firewall nor to their squeaky clean media. I'm obviously not doing as much as I thought!

On the whole my dad really likes mainland China and the Chinese people, not to mention their food (I'm jealous!) but as I think most of us do he has some real issues with their government. It's a shame when pundits label an entire race of people evil when it's just their government they disagree with. Perhaps I think this way because I've lived outside my country of birth for so long and get to see Asian opinions of Australia and the West from the outside myself… we're not exactly angels ourselves in many ways!

And herein ends my potentially sensitive post!

UPDATE! I've been informed the following sites are also in the clear: