Starbucks or Makkers for studying?


8pm Singapore Starbucks

So I was sitting at Starbucks in Tanglin Mall having a much needed tall Americano (you could take that many ways) when some school girls sat at the table next to mine and proceeded to get out their laptops. After 30 seconds one of their friends arrived and shouted "Go to McDonald's next door to do this! They have french fry (sic), they have ice cream, much more bright". After rummaging around, they all stood up and walked away again.

The question I pose is this: why the heck would you want to study in McDonalds when you could study in Starbucks? Come on, they're playing a Rat Pack CD here, all the chairs are soft and comfy, and they use bright but warm lights instead of rows of fluorescent tubes! McDonalds would rate amongst the last places I'd want to study!

Am I so out of touch? Or is the caffeine affecting my judgement? :-).

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