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If you're interested in the goings on of Intel over on Twitter there are no less than four accounts going that you can follow and receive updates on (descriptions were provided from their respective pages):

Sharing the latest news from Intel Developer Forum, and following interesting folks for no sinister purpose.
Intel has software?!
Twitterfeed for, maintained by @annierodkins. Also following interesting folks for no sinister purpose.
Hungry for Intel people. Nom nom nom!
Links to other interesting Intel people on Twitter

If you follow them for something fun and interesting to read, you'll pick up on Twittered links that link to breaktaking images such as these:

Intel Penryn wafer with a toothpick

Processors on an Intel 45nm Hafnium-based High-k Metal Gate ”Penryn” wafer. Using an entirely new transistor formula, the new processors incorporate 410 million transistors for each dual core chip, and 820 million for each quad core chip.

The original Intel Pentium Processor only had 3.1 million transistors.

Penryn and toothpick by Intel Photos

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