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The Overnightscape Central is a fun weekly podcast hosted by the illustrious PQ Ribber. Hosts and listeners of The Overnightscape Underground participate in a topic each week, and you’re welcome to join.

02:22:18 – Your host, Jimbo, asks: What’s in your pockets? What canned food would you eat at your last meal? Do you believe in UFOs (spaceships)? A slew of ONSUGgers (Eddie Murray, Jeff Pollard – making his Central debut, Milt Kanes – also making his Central debut, Marc Rose, Shambles Constant, Frank Edward Nora, Ruben 🚁 Schade, Chad Bowers and even PQ Ribber) gang up in honor of this show’s normal host, who has stepped down for a time. The ONSUG week is reviewed, so you don’t miss anything. Also, a mini-Shambles Constant celebration – he’s been ONSUGgin’ for 5 years! Congrats!

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