Overcast photos at Raffles Place


I was in the city late yesterday afternoon and I had my camera with me so I thought I'd take a few quick photos. Problem was, no sooner had I got the camera out and set up the sky turned grey and within fifteen minutes it started pouring!

Best I could do under the circs ;).

The Square

Most of the area here is made up of pedestrian walk ways and parks, with two entrances to the Raffles Place MRT station.

Raffles Place, Republic Plaza on right Raffles Place

Raffles Place Raffles Place

Singapore Land Tower

Formally Shell House where my father used to work in 1997. I tried to get the reflection of the other tower all symmetrical but didn't quite work!

Singapore Land Tower

Republic Plaza

My personal favourite, I wonder how much the rent is? ;-)


OUB Centre

I had to sit in a really contorted and embarrassing position to get this photo right!

OUB Centre


And here's my attempt at being all "arty". I call it: "HSBC Urban Jungle". Sometimes I'm so creative with names I could just shoot myself in the face like Dick Cheney.

HSBC Building

Suntec City, Esplanande

Unfortunately by the time I got around to photographing Suntec City and the Esplanade in the distance the rain had already started falling, so the picture is pretty crappy!

Suntec City, Esplanade under ominous skies

You can view the full gallery over at my Flickr page.

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