For those observant readers out there, you may have noticed our beloved Rubi site mascot is now sporting her cute new winter seifuku! It may be Japan in winter… wait, that was incorrect in all the ways. I’ll try that bit again.

It may be summer in her native Hokkaido, but its the dead of winter in Australia now, and we thought her cheongsam would have been a little chilly.

Clara has really outdone herself this time in the detail. From Rubi’s unmatching thigh highs with bows and frills (matching legwear is the spawn of Satan) to the cute puffball on her scarf and her hair clips, I couldn’t be happier with her work d(^_^)b.

As it stands (and Rubi is!), Clara also has a new mascot for her weblog over at I won’t spoil the surprise, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Suffice to say, its the closest she’s ever come to drawing something that’s as cute as her, and it even has a matching scarf!

You can read about Clara’s artistic process over on her blog. As someone who can’t draw anything, I found it fascinating.