Speaking of Solaris, again, what ever happened to OSUNIX? Software in the Public Interest still lists it on their project page, right alongside Debian, Postgres, and plenty of other well-known free/open source systems. From their page:

Help us support OSUNIX to be the first entirely open source OpenSolaris technology distribution. OSUNIX is based off the graciously open sourced OpenSolaris(tm) technology from Sun Microsystems(tm). For over a year OSUNIX developers have been volunteering their time, but now we need help to push development and engineering to a production level.

It then goes into their funding model.

All I could find online were some stale newsgroup posts, a repository last updated three years ago, and this animu-themed art:

OSUNIX logo from the SPI site

Such potential. I wonder where they are now?

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