Osaka stores remember decade-old Kyoani ♡


Actually it’s even worse than that, given the Suzumiya Haruhi anime came out in 2006, almost seventeen years ago. I remember thinking, as I’m sure we all did, that it was so novel and new. A science-fiction series disguised as a slice-of-life with cute characters, and episodes aired out of order!? Many of my blog posts from that time were laced with SOS-Dan, Hare Hare Yukai, and other references.

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Now when I see Haruhi, and stuff from my beloved K-On!, I lunge at the opportunity to add them to the shitajiki folders. They’re becoming harder to find, to the point where I doubt as many people even know what they are now, even in places like Nipponbashi/Den-Den Town in Osaka, or Akihabara in Tokyo.

Pencil boards of Suzumiya Harhuhi from her eponymous series, and Akiyama Mio from K-On!

Forgive the awful lighting in this serviced apartment, it’s not doing either of our heroines any favours here. Poor Mio looks practically wooden.

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