Optus bill payment disconnect fail


Another quick Optus fail to talk about this morning, this time to do with being disconnected after not paying a bill. Problem is, I did pay it! Budda-boom!

So here's the situation: last week I had an overdue bill which I couldn't pay not because I didn't have the money but because my Aussie credit union Visa debit card was being rejected. I used internet banking and confirmed I easily had the required balance to make the transaction, but Optus kept informing me otherwise.

After several days of trying I gave up and used my Singaporean bank card which cost me extra in foreign exchange fees but it did the job. I thought it was all over, but as of today my iTelephone is telling me I don't have a data account with Optus which I've been told means I've had my account suspended.

According to the Optus website, I don't have any outstanding payments due nor do I owe any late fees or other fees of any kind, and yet a full business day after I make the payment they disconnect me. Makes perfect sense!

I originally went with Optus after going to Telstra and Vodafone because the people at TeleChoice (an Optus retailer) were the most down to earth and honest, but I'm starting to regret the decision. I had a Vodafone account last time I lived in Australia and aside from not being able to use it when I went into rural areas on trips it was fine. Now that my 12 month contract with Optus has expired it might be time to move.

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