Option wishlist for shell software


This is my fantasy manpage for features every *nix shell program should support. I know steering open source software developers is akin to hearding cats, but I think these are reasonable.

RUBENBSD(1)    Rubenerd Commands Manual    RUBENBSD(1)
    cmd - a placeholder for any *nix shell software.  
    cmd [--cowsay] [--debug] [--help] [--verbose]  
    This is Ruben Schade's wishlist for options that 
    all shell software should implement. If an option 
    clashes with an existing invocation, these options
    must take precedence.   
        Pipe output to everyone's favourite acme 
        package since xeyes and fortune.
        Print what your program is doing, in detail.
        Print an option summary. 
        Print what your program is doing.
RUBENBSD(1)    Rubenerd Commands Manual    RUBENBSD(1)

Actually, that’s about it. I still like you if you don’t implement verbosity options, but you’re off the Christmas card list.

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