My experimentation with OpenSolaris on my MacBook Pro (Dual-booting OpenSolaris on a MacBook Pro, OpenSolaris, MacBook Pro, partition order) has come to an abrupt end, tragically because of only one basic but fundamental problem.

After trying it so I could run Java and Oracle stuff on it for my studies using the same OS they use at my university, it worked beautifully with all the internal hardware, except the trackpad. The workaround proposed on various forums and newsgroups is to just use an external mouse which is simply not an option when I'm in classes and only have a small desk to work on. I also think it's a bit ridiculous to expect to use a notebook computer and not expect to be able to use the internal mouse.

OpenSolaris booted from the CD was far more polished than any Linux distribution I've tried, but I've decided to wipe it off the drive and reinstall FreeBSD in that partition which supports all my hardware out of the box so to speak. Not having the internal mouse working on a laptop is absolutely unworkable and a complete show-stopper.

Here's hoping the next release addresses this problem. I'd love to use it; I even picked out a snappy desktop background to use with it!