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Obconf, Nitrogen, urxvt on Openbox, my cloud theme :)

It seems I'm never quite satisfied with the configuration of my Armada M300 subnotebook which despite it's age works as a fantastic netbook with a brighter screen and nicer keyboard than any of "them"!

My current software configuration having played around with Arch Linux and Debian at various times is now back to FreeBSD with 7.2-RELEASE i386 with the GEOM Gjournal system enabled on /usr and compiled-in kernel support for Vesa shells, all of which I'll be talking about here at some point.

And because I have new love for link clouds, here's my currently (and ever changing) list of software installed on it from the ports collection, some of which you can see in the screenshots.

with Mach64 video drivers
very lightweight window manager
lightweight panel with transparency
lighter xterm replacement with unicode
display backgrounds with nice selection window
Midnight Commander
fast orthodox shell file manager
text editor
Tasty Vim extension
Firefox 3
grilled cheese sandwich iron
shell web browser
shell email client
newsgroup reader

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