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Dear Ruben

We’re very pleased to announce, in partnership with Transport for NSW, that the Opal Concession card will be available for eligible students at UTS from next Monday 27 July.

This is great news because the Opal Concession card comes packed with so many benefits for students, like:

  • the cheapest single fares
  • off-peak train fares – save 30%
  • a daily travel cap of $7.50*
  • a weekly travel cap of $30*
  • your balance is protected if your card is lost or stolen

plus [sic], you can earn free travel with the Opal Weekly Travel Reward: after 8 paid journeys in a week you travel the rest of the week for free.*

* Excludes Sydney Airport station access fee

Just in time for graduation!

To put in perspective, Opal cards were rolled out between 2012 and last year. Senior and Junior concession cards were rolled out much sooner. UTS may have also had privacy concerns; if so, I'd be interested to hear what assuaged them.

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