Ongoing UTS power issues


UTS’s problems with a burst public water main (When your university lecture submerges, When your uni is still somewhat flooded) only seem to be getting worse. Emphasis mine:

Unfortunately, Ausgrid’s power problems have the potential to persist for the next few days. I ask, therefore, that all students regularly check the following information sources for the latest updates:
1. UTS Library website (
2. The SAU home page (
3. Your Faculty’s home page
4. The UTS home page ( – please note the UTS Home Page will only be used if all other options are unavailable

And it’s not just classes that continue to be affected:

The power outage resulted in the evacuation of [student housing] (for a third consecutive night) as well as the loss of almost all IT systems – including the broadcast email system – making it impossible for the UTS Emergency Team to send a broadcast message to all students.


UTS is applying a great deal of pressure on Ausgrid and Sydney Water (whose mains rupture caused the power failures) to address their various issues.

As I said on the last post, we hope this gets sorted out soon. I’m already thinking we’ll be hearing about this for the rest of the week.

Clara also has a post about the latest updates.

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