Onadera shoots down the manflu


Perhaps due to Sydney’s unseasonably cold weather of late, most people I know and in regular contact with have come down with the sniffles, sore throats and all the usual cold/flu associated fun. Interestingly, despite being exposed to all of these evil nasties, I’d largely avoided getting sick.

Then it hit yesterday, hard. Well that’s not entirely true, it hit me. Today was a little better, but I was still manfluing something fierce this morning and again this evening. When every swallow tastes like your downing an entire bottle of Tabasco, the least you could get is the pleasent pepper aftertaste. Cheapskates.

I always read Chesapeake as cheapskate. Don’t read into that.

Naturally, Clara has been lovely, and even made me this drawing of my favourite Nisekoi character. Any motivation she gleans from me is more than repaid, I can assure you.

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