On spam and Schadenfreude


For what seems like an age I've been receiving email newsletters from the so-called "Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation". They added me to their email list; I didn't subscribe to them; and they don't provide any way to opt out. Repeated messages to them to unsubscribe me from their list were always ignored.

ASIDE: I probably paid a price for replying, which verified my address and allowed them to continue spamming me. The power of hindsight!

Fortunately they finally slipped up and provided a link to a YouTube video they're working on. From their latest email message that landed in my spam folder:

Dear Friends,

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation has a polished draft of our new “Tax Competition” video. Thanks to all the helpful comments we received on our “Corporate Tax Rate” video, I hope our new video is an even better product. It’s one minute shorter and was used a professional filming facility, but we’ve also worked on making the message more compelling.

I’m hoping you can be part of our final filter.

This was a slip up because YouTube allows publicly viewable comments that they can't filter out. So I posted a quick response which I'm sure won't get me off their spam list, but at least I can warn others… and plus it just feels good finally getting a message to them they can't just block out!

A chronic spammer slips up!

These people subscribed me to their email newsletters without my permission and do not provide a way to opt out. I have to create a separate filter in all my email clients specially for their junk.

Even ignoring their flawed economic logic, the simple fact of the matter is they’re nothing but SPAMMERS. Don’t give them any of your time.

I'm not linking to their site or their video so I'm not giving them free Google juice, but I'm sure you could find them by doing a quick internet search… if you really wanted to find them!

Does this count as Schadenfreude? Is there such as thing as justified Schadenfreude? :-D

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