The Ruby powered version of the Rubenerd Show and Blog are well underway and are looking pretty good! The way it is at the moment I'm using WordPress which I can't use for study credits but I can use a blog provided it is powered by a platform I've coded myself. I figure if I can get credit for all the work I'm doing here it would be a real help. The only major hurdle I can think of so far will be to transfer all the accumulated WordPress database information over to my program; perhaps I'll just stick with the WordPress database schema to save myself trouble.

Great Eastern Shopping Mall satellite mapI'm sitting at the Starbucks in Menara Great Eastern, across the road from the hospital where my mum is having her blood tested. From what I can tell the chemotherapy she was having has stopped working and the tumours on her liver have started growing again. Her doctor in Singapore Dr Tan is currently at a conference discussing what to do next. The way medical science is progressing I'm sure there will be another treatment she can go on.

Had a phone call from my good friend Kevin Tan from Singapore who I met in Adelaide last night; he's working for Sony now, amazing!

Rubenerd Show 222 has been recorded, but given the reliability of internet here I can't get more than 2/3rds of the way through the upload before it times out. I'll go to as many Starbucks WiFi hotspots as I can until the damned things gets up to that server!